In legal trouble? Who should you call?

Found yourself in legal trouble and are you not quite sure what to do?  Well fear not, we are here to help guide you through the process.  Anything from citations to subpoenas we will have an explanation as to what it is and what you are supposed to do.  We are in no way giving you legal advice just defining the legal terms as if we are a dictionary.

The world is full of incidents and accidents, so finding yourself in legal trouble is actually not as far-fetched as people would have you believe.  Every single day a ticket is written or a complaint is filed.  During the weekdays cases are heard around the clock.  With such a systematic system you would surely believe that everything revolving around the legal industry would be cut and dry and easy to understand.  Well I am sure by now you have realized that it is not as simple as that.

All it takes for a police officer is to jot a few words on a tiny rip out receipt like paper, and then log it into their easy system.  For us we have to locate the court house figure which jurisdiction we are currently at the time of the offense.  Make sure we appear to court on time, and countless other acts.  The police officer does not care what problems this has just caused for us and will not assists you one bit.  So if the police don’t care, who actually does?  By asking that questions now you are finally realizing the predicament that we as citizens are in.  All this legal mumbo-jumbo and we still have to appear on court on Monday, but your boss told you next time you miss work that is it.  So what do you do?

Simple, make yourself completely knowledgeable of your rights, and by doing so you are going to have an edge.  The legal system was created to protect people’s rights and punish wrong-doers.  So by knowing that you as a citizen are entitled to the same “Due Process” as everyone else is a very powerful tool.  We will dive more into  what due process is and your rights later.  We just wanted to open your eyes to this idea right now, so let it sink in.